Over the course of the next few days many will don costumes on their way to school, work, favorite watering hole, or even the gym.  Some spooky, some goofy, some spicy, and some horrific and not in the scary way.  The Halloween season is even more charged when it falls on a weekend as it is again this year.  When Halloween falls on the weekend, you get the sense that you almost have to do something even if its just dressing up at home and passing out candy.  It’s  almost as you get two holidays for the price of one.  This year is unique as a lot of staples of Halloween are back including the door to door trick or treating.  Looking back to last year what was interesting was the creative ways persons around the country kept it going. Although door to door traditionally was gone, there was drive by trick or treating, bags left in the drive way and other ways to participate from afar.      

Even if Halloween isn’t your thing for whatever reason, it’s good that it’s back to some extent.  For many this year will not be any different than previous, no dressing up and heading out to bars or doing anything “special” at the house, being in total chill mode. It’s just the last day of the month nothing to see here, and that is ok as well.  Whether you participate or not, one thing is certain after it is all over only two months will remain in the year, and the holiday season will officially be in full swing.     

The next two months will fly by and our calendars will fill up with potlucks, gatherings and parties.  The next two months will feel like two minutes, but with all the activities on the horizon, there is still time to finish.  Two more months to make that resolution or goal good, two more months to tackle that project that has been on the to do list since the spring.  It’s time, time is the one thing that runs us all.  So don’t wait. Don’t put that off until 2022, you have the time now, just execute.  Join that gym now instead of waiting until January. Take that trip now instead of after the holiday season is over. Cut back on whatever it is now, instead of after you open up your presents. Sign up for that class today, not tomorrow.   

So much opportunity lies ahead as we enter the home stretch of 2021, but the next sixty days isn’t reserved just for turkey and tinsel.  Get the absolute most out of the time by doing instead of waiting.  Yes, it’s a time of friendship and fellowship whether virtual or in person, but its also a great opportunity to take advantage and clean things up that’s been on the shelf all of 2021.  Enjoy the television shows, the photos of friends and families you will receive, the movies old and new, and the costumes that you have to tip your hat too.  Have a happy Halloween, stay safe, stay vocal.


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