Grounded. Couldn’t go anywhere, didn’t know how long it would last, and didn’t know what it would look like once you could.  Twenty years ago today, we can all remember what we were doing when we first heard of the events that unfolded in New York that day.  For a moment even if it was just a day, everything was put aside and put on hold because there was a greater good, and more pressing things to be addressed. Not just those that were injured or lost, but those that although physically ok, psychologically was in pain.  That was just the start. 

Today across social media, television media, you will see tributes and reflections of that day twenty years ago from those that experienced it up close and personal and those that experienced the collateral effects of that day.  That has been the routine for twenty years, and I’m sure it will continue twenty years down the line.  One of the new documentaries that has been moving and quite remarkable has been the multi part series produced by National Geographic entitled 9/11: One Day In America, I would encourage all of our followers to view.  I think it captures all of the emotions of that day from multiple perspectives along with video that is simply moving.

Speaking of moving, despite the attacks the nation moved on.  Not move on in the sense of hoping to forget what happened for whatever reason, but moved on from a constant state of fear.  Of course now we move different, different in the ways we travel, different in the ways we do something as rudimentary as opening a bank account and renewing a driver’s license, but we pressed on and forward.

We say thanks for those that gave so much during the crisis that day, and those that sacrificed so much in the aftermath.  One of the best way to say thanks, is to take advantage of the time we have on this day, to make that day count.  After reflection and reaction its time we take action and keep pressing on.  We are not operating in the same space as we were this time a year ago let alone twenty years ago, but we are further along.  The question is not will we get there, but when?  The test of patience that was exhibited that day and in the aftermath is prevalent now.  The good news is just as we came out of the dust into the light twenty years ago, we will this day.  

Stay safe. Stay vocal,


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