Where ever you turn this time of year, you see aspirations, celebrations and intentions for the coming year moving forward.  Leaving behind the setbacks or the not so happy times the previous 365 days yielded we can treat the new year as a setup for success in the days that lay ahead.  In that process is the desire to invent a new you for the new year. Whether it’s a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe, or new body composition we recast ourselves for the upcoming show of the next twelve months.  To say those things are not noble or not aspirational, would be simply not true because they are.

However, despite taking the time to make a list of things we hope to complete and goals to achieve in whatever amount of days, only to abandon down the line.  The reason that happens can fill up multiple blogs and bookstore shelves, lack of accountability, lack of importance, failure to make a priority, you name it.  All or some of those may fir your particular circumstance during the year, but the one thing is certain that they all have in common and that is stopping.    

Movement is the difference of following through on your list of resolutions, other than becoming something that’s not crossed off.  Movement will decide if those well laid intentions, will come to life or if you move the needle at all.  If you have a vehicle that’s more than ten years old or one fresh off the lot that’s ten days old, it will not go anywhere if it remains parked in the garage. Only until you move it in a direction and drive, put it in motion will it be operational. The same is true when we strike out upon the journey of a new year. While taking that first step is important, its only a step and not a journey unless we stay in motion and take that second, third, and beyond steps until the process is completed. 

Despite moving, does that mean you will reach your destination on schedule? Does that mean you will not have setbacks, or things will go exactly as you planed? Absolutely not. I would offer this perspective, anyone that travels by plane routinely has encountered, delays, cancelations, or extended layovers all causing to get to the final destination hours sometimes days as originally scheduled.  No one enjoys a breakdown on the side of the road, or a dead battery, and even though it’s a new year, there is no need for you to be a new person, only to get in motion. Whatever exterior or even interior transformations you will undergo over the next year, the foundation of that will be the same.  What will change is how you use that foundation, how you move the old or new you.

So I say cheers to 2022, and the new goals, resolutions, intentions you have planned in making this year the best year ever.  Even if come December 31, 2022, and you fell just short of the mark you set a year earlier, just remember that whatever that endeavor was and what is remaining can still be attainable you just have to remain in motion.

Stay safe, Stay vocal


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