With only a few days until presents are officially opened and dinners held, this time of the year we find ourselves running around trying to make sure everyone on our list is taken care of. It’s the time of the year where we are in good spirits or should be and reflect on the year and look forward to the upcoming year.  Aside from the food and the cheer, it’s the time of the year where many feel the urge to give, whether its spare change outside of the market or volunteering serving a meal at a kitchen the desire to give is in the air.

Perhaps that is what makes this time of the year so special, is that its not 365 days, so the time we take to spread peace, love, and joy is confined to these handful of weeks. No different than when someone would celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary.  What makes it memorable is that it only comes around one time per year. That does not mean you don’t recognize that spouse, or child on their special day.  It would be nice for that desire to linger and stay like the smog in Los Angeles, and not be as fleeting as the flavor of the month.  After the movie marathons go away until the end of next year, and everyone goes back to regular programming then what? The ugly sweaters go away either in the trash or the back of the closet for another year then everyone goes back to the regular scheduled programming, the need of those doesn’t go away. 

There is need year round, and there are more ways to give than monetary.  In some cases giving your time is better than giving your resources.  That doesn’t mean you have to have lights, a tree, and all the trimmings up year round, in fact please take your lights down. There are countless ways where you can keep the spirit throughout the year and it does not require you to spend anything other than some time.  What makes this time of the year so rewarding is that we carve out time to go to parties, events, homes of friends, to enjoy the friendships.  Not sure why this year has meant more than others, every year should be a blessing as its one you have never seen before, and a day you will never see again.   

It does not make any sense to put those friendships on the back burner until the following year. Especially in the wake of a shutdown, and the onset of another strain cherishing the moments with others is even more critical and important. Have a kind word when you pass someone instead of a frown, go visit that family member that’s in the same city as you are. That party you keep putting off, go to it.  So enjoy this season, be merry, drink good, eat good, and live even better. Just remember the season may end but the lesson of it doesn’t have to. Be safe, be vocal.



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