Every November we look forward to the end of the month where we stuff our faces, then the next day awake at an ungodly hour to spend money on things we don’t need or will gift away in another four weeks. We give “Thanks” right before all of that and then move on and wait for the next round of giving. Instead of waiting until the end, this year I decided to mark each day in what I am thankful for and encourage you to do the same.

November 1: I am thankful for my health. As I have advanced in age I learn I don’t move like I used to and don’t bounce back like I used to either. It’s not easy “maintaining” or staying above the curve, but I am thankful for another day of being on the right side of health and will do my earnest to keep it.

November 2: I am thankful for my career. Hard to believe I have been in the legal profession for fifteen years. The longest I have been at any profession, and I am not looking to slow down, but increase over the next fifteen. Not increase monetary although that is another blessing, but increase my knowledge, skill, and learning. Each day is a day to learn and just when you thought you have seen it all. That new case comes across your desk. 

November 3: I am thankful for my family, the last eighteen or so months has shown how precious life is and how quickly the things we take for granted can be taken away. The simple pleasure of being able to give a loved one a hug became just as problematic as sitting at the same table and breaking bread. The “customs” of everyone around the table engaging in fellowship one year then done virtually the next drove home the notion you don’t have infinite years you have a few more times. So don’t psyche yourself out.

November 4: If family marked day three, friends has to come after. There are all groups of friends, close, besties, those down since day one, and those known in the biblical sense. I believe at various points in life a strong friendship mark those points in time. Could be those you work in the trenches everyday with, those you went to college with, or those you simply hang out with. Reflecting back I can say I have been truly blessed to have those friends by me for support over the years and know its been those friendships that has gotten me through some tough times and those that have celebrated some great times along the way. So I give thanks.

November 5: The rain. Yes the rain, as of writing this it has pretty much been raining all day, yes its inconvenient for being out and about and we have to slow down to do a lot of other things, and some things we cant do at all, but a good rain also washes out a lot of things and it doesn’t hurt the lawn at all.

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